Pizza at Roberta’s, Brooklyn

If you happen to ever frequent Bushwick (Brooklyn) you have to stop by Roberta’s. A former garage with a great outdoor space, Roberta’s bakes their own bread and pizzas in a wood fired stove, grows their produce on the roof, and uses old shipping containers to create extra “rooms.” And the pizza is pretty damn good, too. At a long picnic table on the patio, we started with some local beer and the cheese plate – the chef’s choice of a classic goat, cow and sheep selection. The blue was divine.

I can never resist a mushroom, or pesto, for that matter. Of course we had to order the M. Martigan with mozzarella, mushrooms, pesto, artichoke. Surprisingly creamy, rich, and a crispy crunchy crust.

Next up, The White and Green pizza, a genius combination of mozzarella, arugula, parmigiano, lemon. The arugula was fresh and raw and tossed in olive oil, the parmesan sharp, and the lemon gave the entire pizza the perfect snappy balance. In the neighborhood? Definitely give Roberta’s a try.

Roberta's on Urbanspoon

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