Brunch at Local 44 – Rueben for the win!

Local 44 has just (finally!) revealed a new brunch menu, Memphis Taproom/Ressurentction Alehouse owners have finally brought us the vegetarian and vegan options to rival MTR (Don’t even get me started on the fried pickles). I stopped in on brunch opening weekend, and had a hard time making a decisions. Eventually, I went with the fried mushrooms, coated in a buttermilk batter and with a side of poppy seed buttermilk dressing. Fried to perfection- but white mushrooms just don’t quite have enough flavor for me and the sauce with a little bland, so I dipped them in hot sauce.

This vegan Rueben, however, deserves a return visit. Thinly sliced seitan, saurkraut (a bit more would be nice) and special sauce on rye bread, it was just the right amount of savory and greasy, especially with a side of fries. I’ll be back again for this one.

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