Kite and Key

In all honesty, I never meant to eat at Kite and Key. After a Sunday trip to the Art Museum, I stopped by Bishop’s Collar, but was disappointed by their lack of vegetarian options. I biked over to the Fairmount Sabrina’s Cafe, but they were closed for Labor Day weekend. Unable to pedal any longer without sustenance, I walked over to the open windows of Kite and Key and discovered this crazy, insane, veggie burger. Two deep fried patties of shredded vegetables, swiss cheese, sprouts and horseradish mayo in the center, a brioche bun and a stack of fries (I always opt out of the house chips). I shouldn’t have eaten it all, but I did. And it was delicious. Fattening, for sure, but delicious.
People often don’t believe me when I sing the praises of grilled lettuce, but Kite and Key’s grilled Caesar proves it. So simple – just half a head of romaine on a the grill, topped with shavings of quality parmesan. If you don’t eat fish, be sure to skip the sardine-laced dressing on the side.

Kite & Key Tavern on Urbanspoon

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