Fresh Tofu, an obsession

Philadelphia has numerous packaged local tofu options, including Soy Boy, which I often pick-up at my co-op. But I’m obsessed with the fresh tofu options at Saigon Tofu, in the strip mall just south of 11th and Washington. While they make fresh silken and firm tofu daily, they also make “flavored” tofu like vegetable and the lemongrass and with chili tofu pictured above. After I picked up a big box of this wonder, along with some rolls of fresh tofu wrapped in marinated tofu skin, I just had to make a version of Bittman’s thai soup from “How to Cook Everything Vegetarian” so that I had an excuse to eat what I hadn’t finished in the car ride home. Saigon also sells pre-prepared tofu dishes – unlabled so ask for a description before you purchase!

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