Brunch at Marigold Kitchen

I waited tables at Marigold Kitchen in the first year it opened – and what a year it was! We garnered acclaim from Food and WIne, Craig LaBan, and the famously picky Chowhounds. Marigold has switched chefs a few times since then, and I decide to stop back in for brunch on a sunny Sunday afternoon. The restaurant was bustling with families visiting from for Penn’s Parent’s Weekend, but I made a reservation a few days in advance, and all was well.

Marigold offers a seasonal brunch menu with both sweet and savory options and a hit of molecular gastronomy. I was swayed by the zucchini and goat cheese in the daily omelette, the breakfast pictured above, but a bit disappointed that the filling was more cheese than vegetable, and the fried potato rounds a bit dry. The leek Quiche ordered by a neighboring table, however, looked fantastic, as did the cinnamon foam on the waffles of another neighboring diner. Marigold Kitchen is a BYOB, but I seemed to be the only person in the room interested in this option (what? you don’t bring vodka to brunch and want some bloody mary mix?) though I’m sure the staff would be accommodating to a bottle of wine or champagne. I’ll be back to Marigold, both because it’s such a lovely spot in my almost brunch-devoid neighborhood, and because I saw so many things I’d like to try in the future!

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