HUGE veggie sandwiches at POPE

POPE is a veggie and vegan friendly pub with a good rotation of beers on Passyunk Ave. in South Philadelphia. Recently I spent some post-movie time at the bar sampling the latest Flying Fish Exit brew from Victory and eventually some the huge and heavy vegetarian sandwiches. A warning: Don’t go for these bad boys unless you have a serious appetite or you, unlike me, can actually save half a sandwich for lunch the next day. Above is the veggie cheesesteak. Moist and greasy on a soft bun, this sandwich is a winner. You can get it with provolone, like I did, or vegan cheese.

The veggie burger is a killer, and a mean that in a good, huge way. A giant homemade deep-fried kasha patty with cheddar cheese, a fried tomato, red onion and basil mayo, the toppings had my drooling. Served with a side of thick-cut fries and the house slight-chili mayo (seriously) this plate is all about sweet sweet fat. I decided to eat most of the burger, and felt insanely full the rest of the night. But save it up for a great hunger or a hangover and you’ll be in heaven.

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