Spaghetti Squash – the vegetable noodle

This time of year I am absolutely crazy about spaghetti squash. These large, yellow oval squashes should be popping up in your CSAs and on your supermarket shelves. They are delicious, healthy, and provide easy-to-cook vegetable noodles that you can substitute in all of your favorite pasta recipes. In the above photo I topped my “noodles” with a sauce made from the last fresh tomatoes … Continue reading Spaghetti Squash – the vegetable noodle

A Chard and Tofu “Saag Paneer”

I can hardly tell you how beautiful my rainbow swiss chard is. Still growing strong in my raised bed, I look at it longingly everyday, but usually feel compelled to eat some of the vegetables from CSA languishing the refrigerator. Not tonight. In the mood for some saag paneer, but without paneer on-hand or spinach, I decided to do a little recipe sleuthing on the … Continue reading A Chard and Tofu “Saag Paneer”

Sadie’s Diner and Juice Bar, Toronto

Yep, it’s another Toronto vegetarian food update. Multicultural, artsy, and very urban, Toronto not only has plenty of vegetarian-friendly restaurants and cuisines, but some great local favorites dedicated to your vegetarian and vegan whims. One of my favorites is Sadies’ Diner and Juice Bar. I stopped by with my Canada man for some weekend brunch and was treated with a lush all-day breakfast menu and … Continue reading Sadie’s Diner and Juice Bar, Toronto

Fresh, Toronto CA

Fresh is an incredible small chain of vegan restaurants in Toronto, Canada. While they do offer dairy products as a “side” item, everything on the expansive menu – salads, wraps, soups, “bowls” and burgers is made from fresh, vegan ingredients and loads of vegetables. Fresh also features a full juice and smoothy bar with enough options to fill half of the expansive menu. And, if … Continue reading Fresh, Toronto CA