Apple Whiskey Maple Tart

A little tart is one of the easiest deserts that you can make for a last-minute dinner party. If you have a good mixer with a paddle attachment or food processor, tart crust is just minutes away. Traditional tart crust has more sugar, and egg yolk, and vanilla or almond extract added, but you can always use a pie crust, too. Add a seasonal fruit, sliced thin, or pile on the berries, and then top with a jam or syrup. For this fuji apple tart, I combined equal parts of maple syrup and whiskey, the egg white leftover from my crust’s yolk, the tiniest pinch of salt, and poured it on the crust under the carefully arranged apple slice, then drizzled just a bit of maple syrup and whiskey on top.

* a few tart hints: prebake your tart crust for 10 to 15 minutes on 350, and make sure to prick it generously with a fork so that it doesn’t puff up everywhere! After adding fruit and before its final baking, cover the edges with tinfoil, so that they don’t burn.

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