I was in the mood for Korean food and needed to meet up with a friend downtown, so we decided to try Miga, a fairly newish Korean restaurant in Center City. We had to wait briefly for a table, and then were taken to a semi-private room off of a raucous main room. In another situation I might have felt exiled, but we had a … Continue reading Miga

Chunky Lentil Soup

I’ve mentioned before that I’m cooking my way through “Super Natural Cooking” by Heidi Swanson, but I realize that I’ve been a bit slow and forgetful about posting the results. I love this cookbook. The recipes are simple and always turn-out delicious, the photography is great, its paperback, and it emphasizes cooking from whole foods and grains. Pictured above is the chunky lentil soup. When … Continue reading Chunky Lentil Soup

5-Day Catalyst Juice Cleanse

This very nice folks at Catalyst Juice, a local Philadelphia juice cleanse and juice/raw cleanse company, contacted me to see if I’d like to try and review one of their freshly-made juice cleanses for you. I’d admit that I’ve been eating a bit too much dairy, and white bread (and their super-spawn, pizza) lately, so I welcomed the opportunity to make a clean break with … Continue reading 5-Day Catalyst Juice Cleanse

Chez Temporal, Quebec City

The perfect little cafe, just farther down a side street than you would likely travel aimlessly. Steamed windows, one cook in an open kitchen and a waitress who reminds you of someone you know. A crusty piece of bread brushed with white wine and garlic, topped with Swiss and fat rounds of tomato, sprinkled with herbs and then slow toasted. A mustardy-mayo side schmear. A … Continue reading Chez Temporal, Quebec City

ChuChai, Montreal

I faced some serious disappointment when I found ChuChai closed on New Years Eve. For future reference, most restaurants that don’t cater to tourists are closed in Montreal on New Years, and even any time between Christmas Eve and the New Year. But my companion and I persevered, a and returned to ChuChai a few days later. Sadly, we couldn’t open our bottle of champagne, … Continue reading ChuChai, Montreal

The Bagels of Montreal

In the North American Bagel scene, it’s Montreal vs. New York. Both sides have their advocates, and both bagels are, well, bagelly, but they are different variations on the same idea. I stopped in at St. Viateur Bagel Shop in a Hasidic neighborhood in Montreal to see what all the fuss was about. St. Viateur is a serious, no-nonsense bagel shop. One enters the store … Continue reading The Bagels of Montreal