Catalyst Juice Cleanse – days 4 & 5

Day 4 was much easier that day 3. While I planned to drink the cashew milk after my workout, as John suggested, I had a very full day at work, and never made it to the gym. I was surrounded my cupcakes, sugared almonds, and cucumber sandwiches all day, but I wasn’t even tempted. Maybe it was the amazing 70 degree weather, but my energy was high all day.

Day 5 was a piece of cake. I wasn’t hungry at all, even though I was running around and grocery shopping all day. In fact, I was so not hungry that it was a struggle to finish all of my juices. My energy remained high, and I had even lost a few pounds. My friend Allison even mentioned that I had “juice cleanse skin.” Not bad! Catalyst’s customer services is great, the company is local, and juice is tasty. The downside, sadly, is all the plastic bottles in my recycling bin. Maybe they would let you supply reusable containers? It’s worth asking.

One thought on “Catalyst Juice Cleanse – days 4 & 5

  1. I liked the way you are breaking down what you are doing into separate days, have you tried drinking water with sliced lemon inside?. I found out that it will help cleanse your insides and help with your energy levels, give it a try as I have been doing to for a year now and feel very refreshed and it also helps rehydrate your skin.

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