I was in the mood for Korean food and needed to meet up with a friend downtown, so we decided to try Miga, a fairly newish Korean restaurant in Center City. We had to wait briefly for a table, and then were taken to a semi-private room off of a raucous main room. In another situation I might have felt exiled, but we had a lot of catching up to do and the private room was nice. We started with vegetable vegetable tempura, presented in a tall fried vegetable tower of a thicker-than-average cut. I especially love the zucchini tempura.

Before our main course arrived, the waiter brought this amazing selection of pickles. I’m still thinking about the hot pickled garlic scapes. mmmm.

I know I should get more creative, but I had a craving for Bim Bim Bop, and so that’s what I ordered, in a steaming bowl. The soft fried egg arrived on the side, with chili sauce, which I promptly dumped all over everything. I loved the mushrooms, and such pickles with each different bite.

Miga is not BYOB, and more expensive that some other Korean restaurants in the neighborhood with similar food quality. But if you’d like to be waited on and feel a little fancier, give it a try.

Miga on Urbanspoon

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