Little Quinoa Patties

I introduced my roommate to quinoa, and to these little quinoa patties for “Super Natural Everyday,” just a few weeks ago, and man, is he obsessed. So obsessed that there is always quinoa in the refrigerator, that he has ordered quinoa in bulk, and that these little patties make an appearance at least once a week. It’s true, they’re so delicious its hard NOT to make them all the time.

This recipe is a great way to use left-over quinoa, so make a double-batch next time and leave the rest in the fridge for later in the week. Salt, a beaten egg, garlic, and any kind of chopped vegetables that you have around (I think the above patties have lots of brussel sprouts in them), squeezed all together and fried in a skillet. Thought the cookbook calls these a “snack,” we’re more likely to make them larger, burger-size, and eat them alongside a fresh salad for lunch or a quick dinner. They would also be great as a veggie burger, but with the complete protein/carbohydrate package of quinoa, you don’t really need the bun!

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