Little Baby’s Ice Cream

What did you all do this weekend? I ate some delicious ice cream in Clark Park, courtesy of Little Baby Ice Cream. Little Baby has been building a quite buzz lately, showing up at street fairs and outdoor events all over the city, but this was my first experience with the unique, locally made ice cream. Selling about 6 flavors plus a special flavor (Saturday’s was Blueberry Ginger, for the start of blueberry season).

Little Baby dishes up some unique flavors. $3 for one scoop, $4 for two, and $6 for three. I had to restrain myself from trying every one, but I didn’t want an aching tummy later to ruin the experience. Because if there is hot sauce around I will eat it, I went with the Earl Grey Siracha, a delicately flecked tea ice cream with just a hint of spicy kick. Keeping the tea theme going, I also had a scoop of the Vegan Coconut Tea, a bright, sweet coconut flavor with a touch of savory spice. Both wonderful. Now, I just need to get my tongue on all the other flavors…

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