Happy Hour at Adsum

I was kindly invited to Adsum for a happy hour debuting their new menu. While they have been on my radar for quite some time, I’ve been disappointed by their entire lack of vegetarian dishes, and have been ignoring them out of spite. Thankfully, this is no longer necessary!

I started the evening off with a dirty (filthy) martini, smartly served. Then moved on to the pickled vegetables, and the house made potato chips.

Quinoa salad with thin slivers of radish, cucumber, basil and red onion is more of a light meal than a snack, but fresh and with a bright flavor.

I could have skipped the truffled mushroom, drooping without inspiration on crisp rice cracker, along with the predictable edamame, but overall, the vegetarian selections pleased me. Not only does Adsum have a very affordable happy hour, the new menu also features a slew of vegetarian and vegan dishes. If, like me, you had turned away in frustration, now is the time to give Adsum another chance.

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