Junk: Homemade Jalepeno Poppers

While I’ve previously expressed some weakness for greasy cheesy junk food, you also already know about my love for all things spicy. This homemade treat offers both the cheesy and the spicy, but healthier and without all the processed additives. There aren’t many tricks, but it helps to leave the stem on the jalapeno if you can and use it to assist in breading. Jalapenos, … Continue reading Junk: Homemade Jalepeno Poppers

Sauteed Mushroom Burritos

I love mushrooms in everything, especially pasta. Some days it just seems so easy to throw some sauteed baby bellas in a good quality pasta with sea salt and grated Parmigiano, that I can get stuck in a rut. While I often combine mushrooms with black beans, I was looking for a lighter dish, so I made this quick, flavorful burrito. Sauteed Mushroom Burrito serves … Continue reading Sauteed Mushroom Burritos

Chard and Saffron Omelette

This unique omelette recipe from Plenty uses piles of shredded swiss chard, a handful of herbs, garlic, and lemon juice to put a very savory spin on the traditional omelette. Finely chopped potato is cooked with saffron, and then swiss chard is added, just long enough to soften. The herbs are beat with egg, and then, when the omelette is just solid – mine got … Continue reading Chard and Saffron Omelette

Torcetti with fried zucchini, sage, tomato and butter

I can’t get enough of the fresh sage growing in the flower pot on my porch. One of my favorite ways to eat sage is fried, with butter, on pasta. I was feeling just a little guilty about the pasta/butter dinner combo, so I added some lovely zucchini, fried in homemade herb butter, olive oil and garlic, and some burst yellow baby heirloom tomatoes. Had … Continue reading Torcetti with fried zucchini, sage, tomato and butter

Fresh Fig Tart with Sage and Gorgonzola

The Co-Op sent out a message this week about a stock of fresh figs from South Philadelphia. Many Philadelphians have fig trees, and I’m so jealous of them! I ran out and bout all of the figs, with which I made some delicious brandy fig preserves for my morning yogurt and the above tart for a special brunch this weekend. I started with a puff … Continue reading Fresh Fig Tart with Sage and Gorgonzola