Brunch-Run to Ants Pants

A few West Philly friends and I have come up with a new way to get that oft-forgotten weekend run. We pick a location, run there, eat, and then walk or take public transportation home. It’s a great “club” because we have an excuse to eat brunch, can eat as much as we want without thinking about running home, and have a fun, healthy late-morning with friends.

For my first brunch-run (with the great Bryan Moody) we ran from Clark Park over to Ants Pants in Graduate Hospital. Not that far, but a great way to start off! One of the best things about running to brunch is that you tend to not be as hungry when you get there. I ordered a lunch sandwich – a big brunch departure for me – on whole-grain bread with avocado, roasted red pepper, and pesto. Of course, it being brunch, I had them throw a fried egg on it. The sandwich was great. The pasta salad side unfortunately, was bland and unnecessary. Next time, I’ll be sure to ask for fruit instead!

Ants Pants Cafe on Urbanspoon

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