Brunch Run: Jack’s Firehouse

To be honest, Jack’s would not have been high on my list for a brunch visit. But I had some friends participating in the Philadelphia AIDS Walk and a fellow West Philadelphia Brunch Runner (shout out to Moody) and I decided to RUN the walk. We just started 1.5 hours later! 8+ miles down the road on that beautiful fall morning, we wanted brunch and bloody marys, and we wanted it fast, so we met up with our fellow AIDS Walk buddies at Jack’s. Pictured above: The bloody mary and Philly Pale Ale I ordered immediately. The bloody mary was serviceable, especially if you like Old Bay seasoning, but didn’t include any garnish – OK a lemon and a lime slice, but no pickles, no olives, no celery, no baby tomato, no nothing. No kidding.

A pickle was also conspicuously missing from my sandwich plate. I ordered the portabello sandwich with pecan pesto (a questionable concept). Luckily, I had them throw a fried egg on top (it was brunch, after all) which oozed nicely and help to save the stale bun. I was starving, and dug in before I remembered to take a photo. While you see some greens on the plate, rest assured I ordered a side of fries. Would I go back? Nope. I do love to run the 8-mile loop up near the art museum, though. Where do you go for brunch in Fairmount/ Art Museum area?

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6 thoughts on “Brunch Run: Jack’s Firehouse

  1. I went to Figs (25th and Meredith) for brunch a few times when I lived in that neighborhood and that was always good. And there is always Sabrina’s on Callowhill.

  2. As far as brunch spots in that neighborhood, the pickins are slim to nonexistent in my opinion. I was wondering if you could let me in on that 8 mile route you took. I’ve been looking for new places to run, and it sounds like you have the scoop!

    1. Marsella,

      I like to run the Schuykill Trail loop. Starts at the Art Museum and then runs along Kelly Drive, up to Manyunk, and then back to the Art Museum. If you start at the base of the AM, it’s 8 miles!

  3. Friends of mine have been disapointed in some of Jack’s meals recently, particularly with overcooked (beef) burgers. I have enjoyed Sabrina’s, but have ordered sandwiches instead of breakfast foods. I really like their sweet potato fries.

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