Jong Ka Jib Soft Tofu Restaurant

After hearing whispers about Jong Ka Jib for weeks, I finally made a trip out to this amazing soft tofu restaurant on the edge of Philadelphia. While the Septa search engine suggested a suburban train or the Broad St. subway + a bus, we decided to hoof it from the subway stop and enjoy exploring a new part of the city. About a mile later, we excited walked into the side door where an older woman in tennis shoes (the whole staff wears trainers!) unsmilingly ushered us to a table.
-friendly items before settling on the mushroom soft tofu.

The accompaniments arrived first, and we enjoyed snacking on sweet beans, many types of pickles, and sesame sprouts.

In true hot pot style, our dishes arrive bubbling and we quickly cracked the provided raw eggs into the broth to cook away. Reader, I ate every bite, even though I became terribly full half-way through. The spicy, sour, umami dish was just what I wanted, and I couldn’t stop! For $8, it’s a steal. Don’t expect anything other than curt service (we asked for water multiple times, but enjoyed using the “service” button in the table) and you’ll leave full and happy!

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