Lunch Boxes and what goes in them

I almost always bring my own lunch to work. Even though I’m blessed with a plethora of cheap and tasty food trucks near my office, I know that I eat better, and use up my leftover far more quickly, if I bring them for lunch. Leftovers are boring, you say? Well, yes, they can be. But you can always shake them up. I like to change them slightly, like I did in the lunch above (adding a side of pickled radishes and a boiled egg to my raw kale salad)by adding new components, or cooking in a new way (frying leftover risotto into cakes).

I love my new Black + Blum lunchbox, pictured above, for so many reasons. It’s BPA-free and easy to clean, has a divider box and even a mini dressing box, reminds me that the largest portion in my lunch should be vegetables, and even has a little soy sauce indentation and fork holder on the lid.

How do you like to pack your lunch? What kind of lunchbox do you use?

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