Veggie Cheesesteak

Though many would say that it’s not actually our best sandwich (in a city with plenty of serious sandwiches), Philadelphia is certainly known for its cheesesteaks. Greasy, gooey hoagies with enough salt and fat to make your heart stop, part of their charm is their excess. But for vegetarians, and those that like a few more interesting ingredients than a Sarcone’s roll and ‘whiz, there are other options.

I made the above “cheesesteaks” on a weekend afternoon. I marinated local “beef” soy strips in some beefy flavors, fried them with garlic, and placed them on a DiBruno’s whole wheat sandwich roll that I pre-toasted and rubbed with fresh garlic.

Topped with caramelized onions and a stinky, triple-cream brie, this sandwich had a new depth of flavor. A side-salad of bitter arugula with lemon, olive oil and large crystal sea salt add a needed bite to the dish. And what else? A beer. But a hoppy Lauganitas IPA. Because we’re classy like that.

*apologies for the grainy, cell-phone pictures!

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