What to do with green tomatoes?


My tomatoes went wild this year, and let’s just say, I maintained a fairly “hands off” approach to the garden. As sad as I was to see those wild vines go, I had to rip them out this weekend or miss my fall crops entirely. While I love pickled green tomatoes, I don’t actually drink enough bloody mary’s to justify pickling the whole crop, so I did some research for nontraditional options. I did pickle a few, but went with an interesting, spicy szechuan version I found here:



A few keys to pickling tomatoes: Only go with the very firm, unblemished tomatoes, and use a pickling additive, or you just won’t get those crisp pickles you’re looking forward to. Also, remember that while you can change the spice in pickles, you can’t change the acidity.And let them sit at least three weeks before you give them a try! 

Last weekend I had some amazing pimento cheese spread at Strangelove’s, and so I jumped on this recipe from NPR for green tomato and pimento cheese biscuits. Of course, I had change the recipe up a little bit, so I substituted pickled red cherry tomatoes for pimentos.


I thought about salsa verde, another common use for green tomatoes, but the breezy fall day pushed me towards a green tomato chili. I made a green tomato puree, added kidney beans, and then decided to also ad some TVP (texturized vegetable protein). It’s not an ingredient I use very often, but I noticed that many green chili recipes make use of chicken or pork, and I thought that that TVP might give a similar texture. A dab of yogurt, some chili and a lemon zest, a squeeze of lime – delicious.


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