Rose Hibiscus Lime Cooler


I love keeping jars of interesting drinks, mixers, tonics, and concoctions – especially in the summer. This ayurvedic beverage (to cool the acid and heat of Pitta constitutions) is delicious, very easy to make, and full of vitamin C. Boil 6 cups of water, add a handful of dried rose petals* and a handful of dried hibiscus flowers** and simmer for about 20 minutes. Strain, cool in a large glass container, and then add the juice (and zest, if you like) of two limes. Beautiful, delicious, and fancy, this rose hibiscus lime “cooler” is great over ice, and has such a strong flavor that you can easily cut 50/50 with seltzer water, as I did above, or use it as a summertime mixer. Garnish with fresh mint or a lime wedge for extra pizzaz!

* Did you find some local, organic rose petals? If you did, the easiest way to preserve them for the year is to dry them. I lay mine out on a sheet pan and leave them in my oven for a few  hours. If your oven is electric, instead of gas, you will need to heat it to about 100 degrees. Of course, you can always spread the petals and leave them on the counter to dry.

**You can find dried hibiscus flowers in the bulk food or herb sections of your local natural foods store or Co-Op. Alternatively, you can often find them packaged and sold with herbs in the “Mexican” or “Latino” section of grocery stores, under their Spanish name, “Rosa de Jamaica.”


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