Veggie Hoagie, Planet Hoagie, Citizens Bank Park

Lucky me got to go watch the Phillies destroy the Mets last night. From the 8th row. YES. And as much as I love a Phillies game on a beautiful evening, I also love having some food options at the stadium. Especially when I’ve run to a game right after work. Citizens Bank Park has won the “Best Vegetarian Food” award from PETA for three … Continue reading Veggie Hoagie, Planet Hoagie, Citizens Bank Park

Han Dynasty, or, a spice lover finally makes it to “handynasty”

Considering my deep and abiding love for spice, it’s amazing that it took me so long to make it to Han Dynasty, colloquially known as “handynasty.” I think it’s Old City location (versus Chinatown) threw me off, but when I went out of my way to make it in the door, bottle of crisp white wine in hand, I was not disappointed. Many people are … Continue reading Han Dynasty, or, a spice lover finally makes it to “handynasty”

PHS Pop-Up Garden and Square 1682

ut In partnership with Philly Homegrown, PHS created a beautiful pop-up garden in the formerly empty lot at 20th and Market. Just look at all the beauty next to those boring skyscrapers! You’re welcome to pop-in on Wednesdays and Thursdays and spend some time in the garden. The garden will stay up until October, then come down for the winter and pop-up in a new … Continue reading PHS Pop-Up Garden and Square 1682

Shirred Tofu at Local 44

Local 44 has a great beer selection, but in the past, I found their menu a lacking – a little too bar munchie. While they still sway towards comfort food, they’ve really upped their meal game, and like the other restaurants owned by this duo (Resurrection Ale House, Memphis Taproom) there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. AND a dedicated brunch menu – hurray! … Continue reading Shirred Tofu at Local 44

Manakeesh Lebanese Bakery

I’ve been so excited to see what opened in the formerly abandoned bank building at 45th and Walnut Streets. It’s always been a stunning building, and now even more so. Manakeesh, a family-run Labanese Bakery opened just over a month ago in the old bank building after a stunning and warm renovation to the inside. Manakeesh is not “fancy” but it provides delicious food at … Continue reading Manakeesh Lebanese Bakery