Freezing Kale for Winter

Some years in Philadelphia, we’re lucky to have  kale in our raised beds all winter long. But in other parts of the country, and during particularly hard winters everywhere, your kale isn’t going to make it through the winter. Though it won’t really work in a fresh salad, frozen kale is a great addition to winter smoothies, soups and stews, sauces, the list goes on. … Continue reading Freezing Kale for Winter

Simply in Season on Farm to Philly

I wrote this post about one of my favorite cookbook series’ – More-with-Less, Extending the Table, and Simply in Season –  on the blog Farm to Philly, for which I am a contributor. Farm to Philly focuses on eating locally, organically and sustainable in Philadelphia. Simply in Season is a great cookbook whose goal is to help you eat lots of local produce, in season, … Continue reading Simply in Season on Farm to Philly

Earth Day!

It’s Earth Day! While reducing your meat consumption (or going veg!) is one of the most significant ways that you can reduce your carbon imprint and be nicer to Mother Earth, there are lots of other ways to green your life! One important step is reducing your overall food waste. To begin, that means only buying (locally!) what you’ll eat, and using up all those … Continue reading Earth Day!

A few of my favorite Christmas things

I received some wonderful Christmas presents, most of them food-related. Here are some of my favorites, which I’m sure you’ll hear more about in the future. Above, the cherry red La Crueset 7 1/4 Qt. dutch oven (with matching spatuala set) that Señor Lanky got me.  I’ve already made two meals in it, and am in love. A selection of canning jars from my mom. … Continue reading A few of my favorite Christmas things