Headhouse Square Farmers Market

If you still haven’t been down to the Headhouse Square Farmers Market, now open on Saturday and Sunday, get there! It’s a cute little spot with a nice selection of breads and pastries, plants, fruit and vegetables, fresh-cut flowers, cheese and (if you’re into it) meat. Heirloom plants are grown from a vast array of traditional seeds, many forgotten and not widely distributed. Think there … Continue reading Headhouse Square Farmers Market

lunchtime salads

I prepare lunch buffets for work at least once a week, and try to keep them delicious, healthy, vegetarian-friendly, and budget conscious. Since I’m often eating these lunches, too, I also don’t want to feel bored, either preparing them or eating them, especially when I have multiple lunches to prepare in one week. I’ve started making more exciting salads to keep me entertained, and happy … Continue reading lunchtime salads