Shirred Tofu at Local 44

Local 44 has a great beer selection, but in the past, I found their menu a lacking – a little too bar munchie. While they still sway towards comfort food, they’ve really upped their meal game, and like the other restaurants owned by this duo (Resurrection Ale House, Memphis Taproom) there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. AND a dedicated brunch menu – hurray! … Continue reading Shirred Tofu at Local 44

Poutine at Resto La Banquise, Montreal

The thing to do when you’re in Montreal, especially if you’re a few beers into a long night on the town, is to go and eat poutine. This Quebecois classic isn’t as fancy as it sounds – just french fries, gravy and cheese curds. Of course, many poutine places have taken this version to grandious levels and you can order almost any type of poutine … Continue reading Poutine at Resto La Banquise, Montreal

Grilled Cheese at Prohibition Taproom

How can you not love a bar with a beautiful sign like that? Prohibition Taproom is a super neat place, with great beers on tap, a very cool curvy bar, and an awesome juke box. What’s not to like? They also have a great menu with a daily grilled cheese special. The Saturday night I was in featured jack and blue cheese with sliced pears … Continue reading Grilled Cheese at Prohibition Taproom

Ressurection Ale House

I finally made it over to Ressurection Alehouse, the new restaurant run by the couple partially responsible for the best fried pickles in Philadelphia (Memphis Taproom) and my West Philly neighborhood’s best on-tap beer bar (Local 44) . What a lovely joint – not that I’m surprised at all. I love the way the Brendan and Leigh take advantage of the best of a building … Continue reading Ressurection Ale House

Rib Cook-off! (even for vegetarians)

I know it sounds crazy – a rib cook-off for vegetarians? But it’s true. I’m very excited to be a judge in this year’s Full Plate Cafe annual rib cook-off. In the vegetarian division! I can’t wait to taste all the veggie ribs from both the professional and amateur divisions. Competitors – here’s a hint: I like it spicy. For just $20 you get all … Continue reading Rib Cook-off! (even for vegetarians)

Local 44

Señor Lanky and I have been waiting for Local 44 with baited breath for months, every since Brendan “Spanky” Hartranft confirmed the rumor of its West Philly opening one Sunday brunch as we gobbled fried pickles at Memphis Taproom. I immediately signed up for the mailing list, I’ve checked the website obsessively, I’ve bike past slowly and looked in the windows. Finally. Finally, Local 44 … Continue reading Local 44