Brunch Run: Jack’s Firehouse

To be honest, Jack’s would not have been high on my list for a brunch visit. But I had some friends participating in the Philadelphia AIDS Walk and a fellow West Philadelphia Brunch Runner (shout out to Moody) and I decided to RUN the walk. We just started 1.5 hours later! 8+ miles down the road on that beautiful fall morning, we wanted brunch and … Continue reading Brunch Run: Jack’s Firehouse

Sunshine and snacking at Varga Bar

I swear that I’ve been cooking – I really have. And there will be some nice Spring recipes up soon. But on a beautiful sunny day last week I decide that it was time for a “mental health” day and played a little work hookie. I love to just wander downtown, stopping in at old favorites for little things (charcoal pellets at Verde and black … Continue reading Sunshine and snacking at Varga Bar

Brunch at Royal Tavern

I really like Royal Tavern. They have a beautiful bar, dim lighting, and are very veggie/vegan friendly. Unfortunately, I don’t live close, so I don’t get there very often. But when I can convince someone to make the trip, I go. I’ve been thinking about this amazing “BLT” since a friend ordered it the last time I was there. Double-decker, marinated tempeh, tempeh “bacon,” lettuce, … Continue reading Brunch at Royal Tavern

Barn Burners (and bites) at Farmicia

When I found out that Farmacia, a great local restaurant that focuses on seasonal, locally sourced food, had added a 1/2 off drink menu to both their happy hour and their brunch, I made my way over quick. Farmacia makes a great bloody mary, called the “Barn Burner” as well as some exciting mixed drinks using herb and fruit syrups and other unique cocktail¬† inventions, … Continue reading Barn Burners (and bites) at Farmicia

The best fried pickles in Philly – Memphis Taproom

I would like to sing the praises of the fried pickle spears at Memphis Taproom. Bar none, they are the best damn fried pickles in the city of Philadelphia – maybe the whole East Coast. Full, giant dill pickle spears, breaded in beer batter (recently appearing in a thicker, even more delicious, almost corn-dog coating consistancy), soaking in deep fat oil, and served with a … Continue reading The best fried pickles in Philly – Memphis Taproom