Soba and Tofu in Ginger Broth

I made this quick soup from the March 2009 issue of Body + Soul magazine. I substituted dried red peppers for fresh, and white for black sesame seeds, and threw in twice as many vegetables as the recipe called for. The soup was quick, healthy, and tasty. Continue reading Soba and Tofu in Ginger Broth

Roasted Poblano Peppers, stuffed

I love roasted peppers, and goat cheese, and really, everything in this dish. It is based on a this recipe from the March issue of Body & Soul magazine¬† – finally they focused on vegetarianism as a way to live “greener!”¬† As is my way, I changed a few things. First, I didn’t read the recipe very carefully, and halved the peppers before I realized … Continue reading Roasted Poblano Peppers, stuffed