Tofu and King Oyster Mushrooms

I made a giant trip to H-Mart to stock-up on huge bottles (soy sauce, sweet soy, rice vinegar, sesame oil, olive oil, canola oil, chili) and of course came home with bags of vegetables. Oh H-Mart – you are so cheap, and you have such a selection, you lure me in every time. Trying to make the best use of the firm tofu in the fridge (I bought a 5 lb. container), bok choi and king oyster mushrooms that were blessedly on sale, I adapted this recipe into the meal above. I’m never adverse to adapting recipes – keeping what I like, tossing what I don’t, and always adding more garlic, ginger and spice. But it also makes plenty of sense to exchange vegetables you already have in the fridge (like my bok choi) for others (the carrots and broccoli called for in the recipe).

Tofu marinated in lemongrass and chili, pre-fried, and added at the last minute to fried king mushrooms, bok choi and a light coconut and chili oil broth. Served over left-over brown rice, with plenty of just blanched green onions. Delicious