Torcetti with fried zucchini, sage, tomato and butter

I can’t get enough of the fresh sage growing in the flower pot on my porch. One of my favorite ways to eat sage is fried, with butter, on pasta. I was feeling just a little guilty about the pasta/butter dinner combo, so I added some lovely zucchini, fried in homemade herb butter, olive oil and garlic, and some burst yellow baby heirloom tomatoes. Had … Continue reading Torcetti with fried zucchini, sage, tomato and butter

Rainbow Chard with butter, pecorino

Dear Alice Waters, thank you for your amazing simple recipes. I’ve been in love with chard lately, especially the beautiful, rainbow-stemmed gems that have been appearing in Philadelphia farmers markets this spring. I’ve also been a little in love with The Art of Simple Food, Waters’ new cookbook/ode to simple and delicious seasonal eating. Waters taught me that chard stems are delicious (Rainbow Chard Frittata) … Continue reading Rainbow Chard with butter, pecorino

While I can’t say that I’ve actually ever eaten a chicken wing, I crave buffalo sauce something terrible. I whipped up this super fast buffalo tofu the other night when I was starving. I like to use local, organic firm tofu because I think that it’s firmer – I don’t even need to press it! Because I was in a big hungry hurry, I served … Continue reading