Han Dynasty, or, a spice lover finally makes it to “handynasty”

Considering my deep and abiding love for spice, it’s amazing that it took me so long to make it to Han Dynasty, colloquially known as “handynasty.” I think it’s Old City location (versus Chinatown) threw me off, but when I went out of my way to make it in the door, bottle of crisp white wine in hand, I was not disappointed. Many people are … Continue reading Han Dynasty, or, a spice lover finally makes it to “handynasty”

Modo Mio menu turista

I’ve been trying to get to Modo Mio for months and months, but circumstances keep thwarting me. When I finally made it, I decided to go with the menu turista – the “tourist” or pre fix menu – in order to sample as many dishes as possible. Above the the barbabietola, an antipasti of roasted beets, toasted almonds, baby arugula, anchovy (which they kindly left … Continue reading Modo Mio menu turista

Bun Gio Chay at Vietnam Cafe

I eat at Vietnam Cafe at least twice a month, and I’m always so hungry and excited when the food comes that I forget to take a picture before my meal is half-devoured. I stopped in for a University City dining days preview (3 courses, $15, July 23-30) and finally remembered to photograph before shoving everything into my mouth. Above, the Goi Cuon Chay, un-fried … Continue reading Bun Gio Chay at Vietnam Cafe

Dining Out for Life: Lolita

Lolita is one of my favorite Philadelphia BYOBs. I popped in this week to entertain friends in town for a conference, a night that also happened to be Dining Out for Life. DOfL is a annual fundraiser in which participating restaurants donate 33% of the tab to local AIDS/HIV organizations and Planned Parenthoods. Great idea, right? My only initial disappointment was that Lolita had gone … Continue reading Dining Out for Life: Lolita