ChuChai, Montreal

I faced some serious disappointment when I found ChuChai closed on New Years Eve. For future reference, most restaurants that don’t cater to tourists are closed in Montreal on New Years, and even any time between Christmas Eve and the New Year. But my companion and I persevered, a and returned to ChuChai a few days later. Sadly, we couldn’t open our bottle of champagne, … Continue reading ChuChai, Montreal

General Tso’s Tofu

My sister was visiting, and had a hankering for some Chinese food. My CSA has been more than plentiful with the broccoli lately, so I decided on on of my favorites – General Tso’s. The extra step of shocking the broccoli may seem annoying, but it’s essential for keeping the broccoli from getting soggy. General Tso’s Tofu serves 4 12 oz. Soy Boy (or other … Continue reading General Tso’s Tofu