The Bagels of Montreal

In the North American Bagel scene, it’s Montreal vs. New York. Both sides have their advocates, and both bagels are, well, bagelly, but they are different variations on the same idea. I stopped in at St. Viateur Bagel Shop in a Hasidic neighborhood in Montreal to see what all the fuss was about. St. Viateur is a serious, no-nonsense bagel shop. One enters the store … Continue reading The Bagels of Montreal

Winter Vegetable Gratin

Sometimes you want to cook something, and you have a fridge full of vegetables, and you have to figure out how to combine your craving with your desire to use everything up before your next CSA delivery. That how this dish was born. A basic gratin, (cream, milk, cheese) with turnips, savoy cabbage, and amazing fractal-style cauliflower. Between the layers of vegetable I added dollops … Continue reading Winter Vegetable Gratin