Veggie Cheesesteak

Though many would say that it’s not actually our best sandwich (in a city with plenty of serious sandwiches), Philadelphia is certainly known for its cheesesteaks. Greasy, gooey hoagies with enough salt and fat to make your heart stop, part of their charm is their excess. But for vegetarians, and those that like a few more interesting ingredients than a Sarcone’s roll and ‘whiz, there … Continue reading Veggie Cheesesteak

Spinach Chop

What happens if you take all of the ingredients in your favorite spinach salad, wilt the spinach, add harissa and chopped almonds? The delicious version of the “Spinach Chop” in Simply Natural Everyday. Some browned garlic, a healthy dollop of spicy harissa, and wilted spinach, plus chopped eggs, lemon zest and almonds. I used the tamari roasted almonds from Trader Joes and added just a … Continue reading Spinach Chop

Thai Cabbage Slaw, Mineola Tempeh and Kiwi salsa

I’m so glad that I discovered I love cabbage. This recipe is a variation on a recipe posted on 28 Cooks, itself a variation of a recipe from The Daily Raw Cafe. Or course, I made some changes based on what I had in the kitchen and pantry, and what I like best. It was crunchy, delicious, and just the right balance of sweet and … Continue reading Thai Cabbage Slaw, Mineola Tempeh and Kiwi salsa