Barn Burners (and bites) at Farmicia

When I found out that Farmacia, a great local restaurant that focuses on seasonal, locally sourced food, had added a 1/2 off drink menu to both their happy hour and their brunch, I made my way over quick. Farmacia makes a great bloody mary, called the “Barn Burner” as well as some exciting mixed drinks using herb and fruit syrups and other unique cocktail  inventions, … Continue reading Barn Burners (and bites) at Farmicia

Cypress Grove Goat Cheeses I am Loving

Technically I’m lactose intolerant, but because cheese may be my favorite food, I cheat. The beautiful thing about goat cheese is that it’s lactose-free, so I can enjoy all the cheese I want, and not have to take those annoying dairy pills. Purple Haze in one of my all- time favorite chevres – it’s lavender notes (you can actually see the little flower buds throughout … Continue reading Cypress Grove Goat Cheeses I am Loving

Roasted Pear Salad with mixed greens, arugula, goat cheese, and tarragon

I have to keep shaking the salads up for the lunch programs I make at work, otherwise our guests (and our staff, and me!) will get bored.  This salad was made with baby greens, some arugula, pears roasted in the oven for 10 minutes with fresh tarragon and just a sprinkle of sugar, toasted walnuts (also sprinkles with sugar), a hard, rosemary crusted goat cheese … Continue reading Roasted Pear Salad with mixed greens, arugula, goat cheese, and tarragon

Roasted Poblano Peppers, stuffed

I love roasted peppers, and goat cheese, and really, everything in this dish. It is based on a this recipe from the March issue of Body & Soul magazine  – finally they focused on vegetarianism as a way to live “greener!”  As is my way, I changed a few things. First, I didn’t read the recipe very carefully, and halved the peppers before I realized … Continue reading Roasted Poblano Peppers, stuffed

Eggplant Rollitini from Veganomicon

I’ve been eyeing this Rollitini in Veganomican for quite awhile. The writers make it sound very difficult, but it’s really not. If you get all the steps going in order, you can have the whole thing completed in about an hour. The key is to slice the eggplant very thinly. While the have you cut-off the sides (to avoid more of the peel), I say … Continue reading Eggplant Rollitini from Veganomicon

I am so in love with the whole-grain rolls from Metropolitan Bakery, I want to sing about it. They have all kinds of delicious texture, and an almost nutty flavor, and go well with all of may favorite sandwich toppings. I found out that I can order these rolls bulk from the main Metro bakery, so I ordered 5 dozen and made a whole spread … Continue reading

Tria – Sipping on the Edge

Señor Lanky and I went to the “Sipping on the Edge” event at Tria, a happy hour featuring three Italian wine with tricky names easy to tie your tongue around. Tria is one of my favorite places in Philadelphia, and I’m always excited for a reason to return. We started off with a medium-bodied Cantine Statti Galioppo. From the “snacks” menu we order the truffled … Continue reading Tria – Sipping on the Edge

lunchtime salads

I prepare lunch buffets for work at least once a week, and try to keep them delicious, healthy, vegetarian-friendly, and budget conscious. Since I’m often eating these lunches, too, I also don’t want to feel bored, either preparing them or eating them, especially when I have multiple lunches to prepare in one week. I’ve started making more exciting salads to keep me entertained, and happy … Continue reading lunchtime salads