Chickpea Stew from Super Natural Everyday


I soaked an entire saucepan of chickpeas, intending to make hummus. 3 days later, they were languishing the fridge and I was in needs of a simple, yet satisfying dinner. I actually followed the recipe for “Chickpea Stew” in Super Natural Everyday to a t – very odd for me! While I don’t think that the weight of the soup really qualifies as stew, it is a hearty soup with an incredibly rich flavor, thanks to saffron, greek yogurt, and egg yolks (!) While the ingredients are simple, you do need to pay a bit of attention to how you deal with the egg yolks and hot liquid – you don’t want them to cook and curdle. A little patience and whisking, though, and you’ll be rewarded with such richness, you’ll be glad you used that extra bowl.

In my usual way, I wanted to fit more vegetables into this meal, so I briefly considered adding chopped swiss chard, but when I decided to just braise it lightly and serve it on the side with grated pecorino and sourdough bread, I knew that I had made the right choice – the chard would have weighed the soup down in an uneven way. Just consider this “stew” part of a simple meal, and not the whole meal!


Baked Eggs with Yogurt and Chili

This weekend we had a hurricane move up through the East Coast, and I spent most of the weekend holed up in my house, watching bad movies, checking the weather report, baking 10 dozen cookies, and eating. Luckily, we never lost power and I was still able to use my kitchen!

The above dish makes a very comforting, and rich, brunch with a toasted English muffin or a big bowl of ripe melon. Another recipe from the Plenty cookbook, I substituted some wilted baby spinach for the arugula I didn’t have. I may be difficult to tell from the photo, but the dish involved wilted greens, and egg soft baked directly in the pan, topped by a stream of paprika/chili/fresh sage olive oil and a generous dollop of Greek yogurt tossed with sea salt and fresh, chopped garlic.

Pan-fried mung beans with Tempeh

Another winning recipe from Super Natural everyday, this quick dinner involves soaking the mung beans ahead of time (canned would be way to mushy). If you’re not familiar with mung beans, you can usually buy them at a co-op or whole foods, and they also make great sprouts! If you start soaking them in the morning and they are still too hard by evening, just bring them to boil and simmer them for about 10 minutes – but leave them al dente! Add broccoli, lemon zest, and friend tempeh and you have a nice one bowl dinner. If you can help it, don’t skip the greek yogurt – it bring a whole next level to texture and flavor of the dish.