Fresh Tofu, an obsession

Philadelphia has numerous packaged local tofu options, including Soy Boy, which I often pick-up at my co-op. But I’m obsessed with the fresh tofu options at Saigon Tofu, in the strip mall just south of 11th and Washington. While they make fresh silken and firm tofu daily, they also make “flavored” tofu like vegetable and the lemongrass and with chili tofu pictured above. After I … Continue reading Fresh Tofu, an obsession

Make your own grilled BBQ seitan

Homemade seitan can seem like a tricky proposition, but it’s not that difficult (and much cheaper!) when you get the hang of it. Ever since I tried the amazing seitan at Horizons, I’ve recommitted myself to perfecting my seitan efforts. Above – the seitan. Already boiled, marinated, grilled, and ready to be devoured. But how do you get there? First, pick a recipe. I like … Continue reading Make your own grilled BBQ seitan

Chickpeas Romanesco, Garlic-Saffron Rice, Roman Broccoli

In an effort to utilize a vat of sprouted chickpeas leftover from the “raw experiment” I made a big old La Crueset of the Chickpeas Romanesco from Veganomicon. I followed the recipe entirely, with the exception of using the sprouted peas and adding some extra crushed almonds. Served on top of the Garlic-Saffron Rice (also from Veganomicon it made a tasty, comforting meal and I … Continue reading Chickpeas Romanesco, Garlic-Saffron Rice, Roman Broccoli