Little Baby’s Ice Cream

What did you all do this weekend? I ate some delicious ice cream in Clark Park, courtesy of Little Baby Ice Cream. Little Baby has been building a quite buzz lately, showing up at street fairs and outdoor events all over the city, but this was my first experience with the unique, locally made ice cream. Selling about 6 flavors plus a special flavor (Saturday’s was Blueberry Ginger, for the start of blueberry season).

Little Baby dishes up some unique flavors. $3 for one scoop, $4 for two, and $6 for three. I had to restrain myself from trying every one, but I didn’t want an aching tummy later to ruin the experience. Because if there is hot sauce around I will eat it, I went with the Earl Grey Siracha, a delicately flecked tea ice cream with just a hint of spicy kick. Keeping the tea theme going, I also had a scoop of the Vegan Coconut Tea, a bright, sweet coconut flavor with a touch of savory spice. Both wonderful. Now, I just need to get my tongue on all the other flavors…


Sang Kee Noodles House

I’ve never been to the Chinatown Sang Kee, but when the new location opened up in University City, I decided to stop by. While the prices are great, there are not many vegetarian options. And by that, I mean, like three. I ordered the classic noodle soup with egg noodles and convinced my server to throw in a couple of vegetable dumplings. The soup itself was pretty unimpressive – bland broth, bok choy the only vegetable, not a lot of flavor in the dumplings. I dressed it up with a healthy heap of siracha, which made it more palatable.

The real star of the night was the ice cream sampler that our serve helpfully suggested. Just $5 and we got delicious ice cream – green tea, red bean, ginger, and coconut – garnished with berries. All of the ice creams were good, but I, not particularly liking sweets, leaned towards the ginger and green tea.