Shirred Tofu at Local 44

Local 44 has a great beer selection, but in the past, I found their menu a lacking – a little too bar munchie. While they still sway towards comfort food, they’ve really upped their meal game, and like the other restaurants owned by this duo (Resurrection Ale House, Memphis Taproom) there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. AND a dedicated brunch menu – hurray! … Continue reading Shirred Tofu at Local 44

Brunch at Local 44 – Rueben for the win!

Local 44 has just (finally!) revealed a new brunch menu, Memphis Taproom/Ressurentction Alehouse owners have finally brought us the vegetarian and vegan options to rival MTR (Don’t even get me started on the fried pickles). I stopped in on brunch opening weekend, and had a hard time making a decisions. Eventually, I went with the fried mushrooms, coated in a buttermilk batter and with a … Continue reading Brunch at Local 44 – Rueben for the win!

Vegan Chili Fries at Local 44

I wasn’t feeling so hot early in the weekend, so I recovered with a splurge on comfort food that I couldn’t seem to stop. Mashed potatoes, butter popcorn, General Tso’s Tofu and spring rolls, fake chicken nuggets and mustard, fried pickles (more about that tomorrow) –  I ate it all and I topped it all off Sunday night at Local 44 where my new Quizzo … Continue reading Vegan Chili Fries at Local 44

Local 44

Señor Lanky and I have been waiting for Local 44 with baited breath for months, every since Brendan “Spanky” Hartranft confirmed the rumor of its West Philly opening one Sunday brunch as we gobbled fried pickles at Memphis Taproom. I immediately signed up for the mailing list, I’ve checked the website obsessively, I’ve bike past slowly and looked in the windows. Finally. Finally, Local 44 … Continue reading Local 44