Portland: Tasty n Sons

I snuck into the wildly popular Tasty n Sons on a weekday morning at about 11:30, just before the peak of the brunch rush. The high-ceilinged, post-industrial building bustled with folks hurrying to the coffee bar to beat off the morning, rainy chill while they waited. My sister and I finally grabbed seats at the bar, and having already had plenty of time to peruse … Continue reading Portland: Tasty n Sons

Pizza at Roberta’s, Brooklyn

If you happen to ever frequent Bushwick (Brooklyn) you have to stop by Roberta’s. A former garage with a great outdoor space, Roberta’s bakes their own bread and pizzas in a wood fired stove, grows their produce on the roof, and uses old shipping containers to create extra “rooms.” And the pizza is pretty damn good, too. At a long picnic table on the patio, … Continue reading Pizza at Roberta’s, Brooklyn

Delicious Greens and Faux-Southen food

What to do with a pile of greens that’s interesting, fast and delicious? I had a huge pile of kale and bored with all my old ideas. A little flip through Simply in Season saved the night with their kale with peanut sauce recipe. Organic peanut butter, garlic, red onions, and the result was delicious greens. I rounded out the meal with some quickly boiled … Continue reading Delicious Greens and Faux-Southen food

Another Local Fall Dinner Party

Why a dinner party? Because the Phillies were playing, and because my CSA was bursting out baskets. Pre-game we all sat down for dinner and wine and cheer, which helped us later, when we lost the game terribley. I love spaghetti squash, and served it with a homemade heirloom tomatoe and roasted garlic sauce that I made in the summer and froze. Yellow and orange … Continue reading Another Local Fall Dinner Party

Barn Burners (and bites) at Farmicia

When I found out that Farmacia, a great local restaurant that focuses on seasonal, locally sourced food, had added a 1/2 off drink menu to both their happy hour and their brunch, I made my way over quick. Farmacia makes a great bloody mary, called the “Barn Burner” as well as some exciting mixed drinks using herb and fruit syrups and other unique cocktail¬† inventions, … Continue reading Barn Burners (and bites) at Farmicia