Portabello Burger with local toppings

It was a beautiful weekend in Philadelphia. I (and my awesome friends) did some incredible yard/gardening work, and we managed to bar-b-q not once, but twice. On Sunday evening I grilled some portabello mushroom caps that had been marinating in my secret grilled mushroom marinade (it involves chillies, and ginger, and garlic, and soy, and sesame) and topped them with a mix of store-bought ingredients … Continue reading Portabello Burger with local toppings

Tempeh, Greens, and Zucchini

For a delicious and (fairly) easy Sunday night dinner, I whipped up a the Smoky Grilled Tempeh from Veganomican, though I omitted the liquid smoke added a little extra maple syrup, and threw in a splash of tequila. Veganomican advises boiling the tempeh before marinating it, and I think it makes all the difference, removing any lingering bitterness and softening the tempeh, which allows it … Continue reading Tempeh, Greens, and Zucchini