Marinated Eggplant with Mint and fresh goat cheese

Often I miss Gourmet magazine, and sometimes I plan enough in advance to contribute to Gourmet Unbounds’ website celebrating the recipes of the former magazine. I prepared this recipe on hot evening and served it with homemade goat cheese, fresh that day, and some olive oil crustinis. At first I wasn’t so sure about the mint, but I’m telling you it was delicious, and even better as a cold, straight from the fridge snack over the next few days. These marinated eggplant strips would also be delicious in a cold vegetable picnic sandwich, which I’m trying this weekend.


Green Pea and Pecorino Custard

Green Pea and Pecorino Custard
Green Pea and Pecorino Custard

What to do early on a Saturday morning with a house full of guests and a wedding (not your own) to attend later in the day? Get up at 8AM (the bay window in my bedroom lets in a lot of early morning light, and I just can’t bring myself to shut the curtains), do a few loads of laundry, and quietly, so not to awake the people sleeping on the couch, begin cooking.

I know it sounds crazy, but besides the sticky-roll muffins I wanted to make my houseguests, I had a deadline for an upcoming recipe in GRID magazine, and had been scheming all night about how to use some beautiful fresh peas and a lovely pecorino from DiBruno Brothers.

The recipe is loosely based on one by Mark Bittman in How To Cook Everything Vegetarian, but lighter. It has a touch of fresh mint for brightness, a creamy consistency (with a few little pea chunks for texture) and would work perfectly as a first course. You can find the recipe here.