Can Marc Vetri Save School Lunch?

As a young child, much to my dismay, my mother packed my lunch every day. My homemade whole-wheat bread, natural peanut butter, and sugar-free jam sandwiches and carrot sticks seemed boring and embarrassing compared to the pizza-burgers dished out in the school lunch line or the mini bags of chips and cream-filled cake rolls that other kids carried in their lunch boxes. No one wanted … Continue reading Can Marc Vetri Save School Lunch?

Brunch Run: Jack’s Firehouse

To be honest, Jack’s would not have been high on my list for a brunch visit. But I had some friends participating in the Philadelphia AIDS Walk and a fellow West Philadelphia Brunch Runner (shout out to Moody) and I decided to RUN the walk. We just started 1.5 hours later! 8+ miles down the road on that beautiful fall morning, we wanted brunch and … Continue reading Brunch Run: Jack’s Firehouse

Go Phillies – Eat Vegetarian!

Our World Champion Phillies are set to open this Sunday. Let the games begin! The Phillies also happen to play at the ballpark PETA has named “No. 1 vegetarian ballpark in Major League Baseball. ” The Philly City Paper reports that this year many Citizen’s vendors are going more “local” as well as increasing their vegetarian options offering “black bean burgers with cilantro sour cream … Continue reading Go Phillies – Eat Vegetarian!