Coup de Taco truck

I love truck food. I love tacos. I love food trucks right by my office that serve up super-special vegetarian-friendly tacos. The sudden surge of young, college-grads starting food trucks to realize their culinary dreams (and work their butts off) has recently brought Honest Tom’s tacos, Hubbub Coffee, and now Coup de Taco. Their website commands “Welcome to the Taco Revolution. Savor the Conquest. Join … Continue reading Coup de Taco truck

Portabello Burger with local toppings

It was a beautiful weekend in Philadelphia. I (and my awesome friends) did some incredible yard/gardening work, and we managed to bar-b-q not once, but twice. On Sunday evening I grilled some portabello mushroom caps that had been marinating in my secret grilled mushroom marinade (it involves chillies, and ginger, and garlic, and soy, and sesame) and topped them with a mix of store-bought ingredients … Continue reading Portabello Burger with local toppings

I am so in love with the whole-grain rolls from Metropolitan Bakery, I want to sing about it. They have all kinds of delicious texture, and an almost nutty flavor, and go well with all of may favorite sandwich toppings. I found out that I can order these rolls bulk from the main Metro bakery, so I ordered 5 dozen and made a whole spread … Continue reading