Brunch Run: Jack’s Firehouse

To be honest, Jack’s would not have been high on my list for a brunch visit. But I had some friends participating in the Philadelphia AIDS Walk and a fellow West Philadelphia Brunch Runner (shout out to Moody) and I decided to RUN the walk. We just started 1.5 hours later! 8+ miles down the road on that beautiful fall morning, we wanted brunch and … Continue reading Brunch Run: Jack’s Firehouse

Late lunch with Memphis Taproom’s Summer Menu

By know you know how much I LOVE the fried pickle spears at Memphis Taproom. I couldn’t even bring myself to take another picture of them this time, but rest assured they started the meal. While I went for the pickles and an ice cold IPA, I found myself a little peckish, and ordered off the summer menu, which is full of great vegetarian choices. … Continue reading Late lunch with Memphis Taproom’s Summer Menu