Pumpkin-Sage Savory Waffles

I’m the very lucky owner of an industrial waffle-maker that I believe was once stolen from a waffle house, and many years and owners later, gifted to me. It’s gigantic, unwieldy and makes incredible waffles. Unfortunately, I always prefer savory breakfasts (and lunches, and dinners) and so I like to play with savory waffle recipes. My friends still talk about the cheddar habanero waffles I … Continue reading Pumpkin-Sage Savory Waffles


After sitting in a dark movie theater for almost 5 hours to watch “Che” – the roadshow version – Senor Lanky and I were hungry. I’d long wanted to visit one of the Afghani restararaunts near Chestnut and 2nd, and Ariana’s 20% discount for Ritz moviegoers made the choice between them simple. I ordered the chalaw kadu, sauteed pumpkin with yogurt sauce and a bit … Continue reading Ariana