Tempeh sandwich with sprouts and avocado

It started at as a tempeh BLT, but I couldn’t find any decent tomatoes (no surprise). And then I didn’t have any lettuce, but I did have some lovely sprouts, and a perfectly ripe avocado. And a whole wheat english muffin and some olive oil mayonnaise. So I marinated the tempeh in some “smoky” sauce with a dash of whisky, soy, garlic and steak sauce, … Continue reading Tempeh sandwich with sprouts and avocado

Sprouting Beans

Not only to sprouted bean pack a great crunch, they are also higher in enzymes, fiber B-vitamins and protein than cooked or canned beans, an easy protein-pick if you’re eating raw, and easy to make yourself. Garbanzo beans (or chickpeas) work especially well and make a wonderful hummus, as do green lentils. Mung beans, adzuki beans are other popular choices.* 1. Place 1 cup of … Continue reading Sprouting Beans

Sprouted Chickpea, Greens and Pesto Salad

One more sprouted chickpea recipe and I swear, I’m done (for awhile). They really did grow on me, though. This is a simple little salad I made with sprouted chickpeas, sliced grape tomatoes, “massaged” turnip greens, and a healthy dollop of pesto. Not only was it delicious, it lived in my bag, unrefrigerated , through a morning conference and a two-hour co-op shift, and was … Continue reading Sprouted Chickpea, Greens and Pesto Salad