Roasted Eggplant with Peppers, Onion and Yogurt

We’re deep into summer produce now, people. A cooling rain and heavy breeze yesterday convinced me to turn on my oven and roast a few selections from the bounty. A big old eggplant, some green peppers (substituted for the red), onions and heirloom cherry tomatoes got together in the broiler and crisped up nice for this room temperature salad from “How to Cook Everything Vegetarian.” … Continue reading Roasted Eggplant with Peppers, Onion and Yogurt

A vegetable-stuffed breakfast burrito

Burritos are made for leftovers. Fry-up anything you have in the fridge, add some protein, and through it in a tortilla with some cheese and hot sauce and you have a seriously hefty breakfast. The above burrito makes us of all the summer vegetables on my counter and in my crisper. Onions fried with garlic and zucchini, egg fried on the side, a few Tbs. … Continue reading A vegetable-stuffed breakfast burrito