Pan-fried mung beans with Tempeh

Another winning recipe from Super Natural everyday, this quick dinner involves soaking the mung beans ahead of time (canned would be way to mushy). If you’re not familiar with mung beans, you can usually buy them at a co-op or whole foods, and they also make great sprouts! If you start soaking them in the morning and they are still too hard by evening, just … Continue reading Pan-fried mung beans with Tempeh

Singapore Kosher Vegetarian

I organized our office holiday party at Singapore Kosher Vegetarian. Not only do they offer an overwhelming, all kosher vegetarian dim sum meal for only $10, they are also a BYOB, which I love. We arrive with almost 30 people and the staff was incredibly accommodating, cheerful, and helpful. I couldn’t cover all of the different dim sum that we ate, but I captured a … Continue reading Singapore Kosher Vegetarian