Easy Weekend Breakfasts – leeks and eggs


Some weekends it seems to blustery to go outside, and you just want to cuddle, watch movies, listen to NPR and have breakfast in. This is one of my “special” breakfasts. It doesn’t take long, but long enough that I want to save it for a weekend occasion. No real recipe – just sauteed leeks and garlic, farm, fresh eggs in a soft scramble, and topped with a yogurt sauce and lemon zest. A buttermilk biscuit on the side (rescued from the Thanksgiving freezer leftovers). Some arugula, dressed lightly in lemon juice and olive oil. Everything sprinkled with a large-grain, high quality sea salt. A mug of coffee. This American Life. My honey, and no plans. Perfect.


The Diner Breakfast

The diner breakfast is a particular art form. Nothing too fancy, cheap prices, and no surprises. Am I right? The manfriend and I spent a delightful Saturday morning at a diner in my neighborhood, at 52nd and Walnut in West Philadelphia. The Skyline is very basic – just a few stools at the counter and three tables, but we got our eggs and potatoes and pancakes in a jiffy! And they had hot sauce. Some people complain that Philadelphia, unlike its neighbors in New Jersey, has a shortage of classic diners. What are some of your favorites? What do you order?